Can reflexology help polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) It’s not known how many women have PCOS but its thought to be very common, possibly affecting one in every five women in the UK. Some may suffer from symptoms, others may feel totally unaffected. The Polycystic ovaries contain a number of under developed sacs (known as follicles) in which eggs … More Can reflexology help polycystic ovarian syndrome?

5 ways to help bring on labour naturally

I meet a lot of overdue mothers-to-be wanting to go into labour. I’ve realised the ones who are petrified of being induced generally won’t go into labour naturally unless I’m also able to change their mind set. The ones who are relaxed and calm about their impending birth usually go into labour naturally after our reflexology session. Here’s … More 5 ways to help bring on labour naturally

Are poos and wee as easy as ABC?

Children can really benefit from reflexology. It can be wonderfully calming for babies, can be used alongside nursery rhymes for toddlers and intrigues them from school age.  If children start experiencing reflexology from early on it can be a great tool to help them cope with all things childhood throws at them. It is staggering that an estimated 1 in 10 junior school children have been … More Are poos and wee as easy as ABC?

Labour Day

In my first year of treating very pregnant mothers-to-be I had a 100% record of helping them go into labour naturally without the need for an induction. I met most of them after they had hit 40 weeks and I was ecstatic. I didn’t publicise it, I just hoped they would pass on the message … More Labour Day

Bumps to Babies

I love giving reflexology to carers and parents at the NCT Coffee Connection. It’s great to give them a little bit of much deserved “me time.” Coffee Connection enables you to spend a couple of hours meeting other parents, playing with different toys and eating an amazing selection of cake! Reflexology is a wonderful tonic for parents … More Bumps to Babies