Labour Day

In my first year of treating very pregnant mothers-to-be I had a 100% record of helping them go into labour naturally without the need for an induction. I met most of them after they had hit 40 weeks and I was ecstatic. I didn’t publicise it, I just hoped they would pass on the message... Continue Reading →

Top 10 heartburn healing tips

I've just started seeing a lovely lady who's been suffering from horrendous heartburn during her pregnancy. I've been looking into ways she can alleviate her pain and symptoms alongside her weekly reflexology sessions. Here are my top tips for her and others who might be suffering. Why we get heartburn: Heartburn plagues most mums-to-be at... Continue Reading →

Bumps to Babies

I love giving reflexology to carers and parents at the NCT Coffee Connection. It's great to give them a little bit of much deserved "me time." Coffee Connection enables you to spend a couple of hours meeting other parents, playing with different toys and eating an amazing selection of cake! Reflexology is a wonderful tonic for parents... Continue Reading →

Who’s bump is it anyway?

Pregnancy is an intensely personal yet a weirdly public experience. Enquiring when you’re thinking about having a baby seems to be asked as soon as you start a serious relationship. Demanding to know why you’re not drinking and presuming its pregnancy related is apparently fine. Strangers touching your growing bump is allowed and wondering when... Continue Reading →

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