Can reflexology help polycystic ovarian syndrome?


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

It’s not known how many women have PCOS but its thought to be very common, possibly affecting one in every five women in the UK. Some may suffer from symptoms, others may feel totally unaffected.

The Polycystic ovaries contain a number of under developed sacs (known as follicles) in which eggs develop. These sacs are then unable to release the eggs and so no ovulation takes place. Despite its name, no cysts develop in or around the ovaries.

According to the NHS, PCOS can’t be cured but it’s symptoms can be treated.

My client has suffered from PCOS for over 10 years. Her symptoms include: dramatic weight gain and loss, infertility, painful ovaries, cramps and stabbing pains throughout her cycle, mood swings, change of temperature, digestive issues (including constipation, indigestion and heartburn) and a general uncomfortable feeling.

I wanted to see her once a week throughout her cycle to see if the reflexology could help her symptoms and alleviate her pain. My plan was to see her for 4 weeks and then have her come back to me when she felt the effects (if any) of the reflexology wearing off.

Week 1 results:

Meeting my client a week after our first treatment she said she was really surprised by the difference she’d experienced. The very next day, the stabbing pain she was getting on her left hand side has moved across to a more central location and was far less acute than before. She said her digestion had pretty much sorted it self out and her tummy was far less angry than it’s been before. She said she was feeling “mellow” a word, she said, that no one would had ever use to describe her!

She said that the part she was really interested to see was if there was a difference just before ovulation where she gets horrific pain, similar to when she gets her period. Her period is due in 2 days and she says although regular, can be different each time. She said it’s mostly really heavy for about 6 days with a day of chronic pain where she must take painkillers.

Week 2 results:

My client started her period on her due date and said she noticed some big changes. Her mood is still very level. It’s usually up and down and all over the place but since she’s started the reflexology she’s been on a very even, mellow keel. The first day of her period was heavy and quite painful but after that it was a normal flow with little to no pain. She usually bloats out during her period but she didn’t this time. Her digestive system has remained constant with no bloating and constipation since our sessions started.

Week 3 results:

My client said her period only lasted 4 days rather than 6. She didn’t have to wear her “fat trousers” as she didn’t bloat out any further and her emotions have remained on an even keel. She would normally be feeling stabbing pains around ovulation but she’s not feeling anything. She just feels heavier round her middle but nothing else.

Week 4 results:

My client said that she would normally have suffered a week of stabbing pains and cramps during her ovulation but this time she only had one day and that was it. She felt this was a vast improvement. She said her mood is still mellow. She hasn’t had the bloat, her digestion is still working well and her best friend has even commented she doesn’t look as “puffy” as she normally does.

I didn’t see my client again until a month after our last session. She said the main thing that didn’t stay the same were her emotions. She also experienced bloating after our reflexology sessions stopped. However she said her period was still lighter, the stabbing and sharp pains haven’t returned nor have her digestive issues.

I am currently seeing my client weekly again to see how reflexology can keep helping her symptoms and pain.

Summary of results:

Symptom Helped straight away Symptoms still changed after a month of no reflexology
Stabbing Pain YES YES
Mood swings YES NO
Digestion YES YES
Bloating YES NO
Period flow YES YES
Feeling uncomfortable YES Coming back

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