Labour Day


In my first year of treating very pregnant mothers-to-be I had a 100% record of helping them go into labour naturally without the need for an induction. I met most of them after they had hit 40 weeks and I was ecstatic. I didn’t publicise it, I just hoped they would pass on the message that reflexology had been beneficial in bringing their baby into the world.

 “I went into labour naturally last night, you foot genie you! Delighted! Had been twinging heavily since our last appointment…”

In the last few months, my proudly held record has been knocked. A few mothers have been induced and my confidence has dropped. Reflexology is supposed to kick-start their hormones, speed-up labour time and bring relaxation and calm in a time of craziness. I’ve got a client coming to see me on Wednesday who’s hoping to go into labour. What do I tell her? “I used to have really, really excellent results.”

Or do I think about what’s important for mothers-to-be and how reflexology can still help even if their wishes are changed.

Pregnancy brings with it all different kinds of journeys and experiences. It’s great when you meet at the fertility stage. Or in the three trimesters when they’re either looking for relaxation and some “me time” or suffering from morning sickness, heart burn, back ache, Symphysis pubis laxity, insomnia, gestational diabetes etc..

Reflexology is excellent for calming and soothing. It can help release tension, improve mood and aid relaxation at a time when you never know when the next wave of pain, anxiety, nausea or sleeplessness will hit. Experiencing reflexology can give a soothing relief for the time you’re here and will last a lot longer as the blocked energy passages are cleared, nutrients are moved and toxins flushed away.

“I had such a great sleep last night, thank you, feel refreshed today”

“I felt very zen all day”

I recently met a lovely lady, 42 weeks pregnant. She’d spent that day in hospital in a quandary about having an induction when all pregnancy-long she’d imagined a calm, natural water birth. Escaping the hospital my client came to see me that evening: emotional, tired and stressed.

When I said goodbye to her that night, I wavered my fee. We agreed that if she still went into labour naturally she’d pay me double! She was in much better spirits, the idea of being induced no longer scared her and she felt relaxed and ready for the next day. She also realised that although in her mind, an induction wasn’t what she had planned, she had to think about what was best for her baby above her ideals. When I next heard from her she told me she’d had the induction and although not what she thought she had wanted, the birth was perfect and she wouldn’t change it.

And so there it is. Every pregnancy, every person, every birth is different. Inductions can be awful but they can also be wonderful. Reflexology can still be relaxing, soothing and helpful in the lead up to labour. I’ll always have a 100% record for providing that.

This month I’m donating £5 for every client I see to Tommy’s – a wonderful charity funding medical research to prevent complications and save babies’ lives.

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