Bumps to Babies

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I love giving reflexology to carers and parents at the NCT Coffee Connection. It’s great to give them a little bit of much deserved “me time.” Coffee Connection enables you to spend a couple of hours meeting other parents, playing with different toys and eating an amazing selection of cake!

Reflexology is a wonderful tonic for parents as it helps balance hormones, improve wellbeing, release tension and aid relaxation. It can also give you that extra energy boost if you’re sleep deprived and exhausted.

I also specialise in pre-conception & pregnancy reflexology and this is the area I really love. The 9 months of pregnancy puts your body through intense physical changes and it can really help mothers-to-be stay comfortable during this time. It can also help a variety of issues including morning sickness, insomnia, dizziness, aches & pains, anxiety, tiredness and constipation.

I absolutely love helping bumps become babies naturally. It’s great to have reflexology throughout your pregnancy, however, if you can only come from 36 weeks it can be used as an excellent tool to help bring on labour.

If you’ve gone over your due date and you haven’t had any reflexology until then, it’s still worth getting in touch. I’ve seen some mothers recently who’ve only started reflexology once their due date has passed and we’ve had lots of successful labours without the need to be induced.

I recently found a piece of research on the website of  the Association of Reflexology (aor.org.uk): “Reviewing the effect of reflexology on the pain and certain features and outcomes of the labour on the primiparous women.” (primiparous – a women who has borne only one child).

The quasi-experiential study took place in 2010 involving 88 women in an Iranian hospital aged between 18 and 36 years old. They were randomly split into two groups. Group 1 had reflexology for 60 minutes as they entered the active stage of labour. Group 2 did not receive any reflexology.

The results showed reflexology reduced the length of labour, labour pain intensity and postpartum haemorrhaging. The researchers concluded reflexology should be used in hospitals to help prevent the use of pharmacological methods and palliative medicines that could lead to side effects.

Reflexology is so much more than just a lovely, relaxing warming foot massage. Please get in touch to see how it can help you too

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