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The invite:

The sun is shining, the evenings are getting longer and the season of weddings is upon us. Brides and Grooms are on a ride of happiness, excitement, elation and frenzy as their big day arrives. It’s an amazing time; love is in the air and romance is in full bloom. Planning such an important day with friends and family involved can sometimes cause uninvited stress as your big day has to be perfect. Fear not, any pre-wedding anxiety can be tackled by some relaxing reflexology. It will leave you feeling like your walking on air as you prepare to step down the aisle.

The venue:


Reflexology can take place at your home, at a spa alongside other relaxing treatments or at therapy rooms. Walking into a tranquil environment will give you a sense of calm and help you remove yourself from the constant planning, planning and planning of the wedding day.



In its simplest form, reflexology is a great, relaxing massage. But it is so much more than this. The benefits of reflexology include:

*aiding relaxation

*releasing tension

*improving sleep

*improving mood

*increasing wellbeing

Specific areas on the feet and hands (the reflexes) correspond to different parts of the body and by applying pressure to all these reflexes in a sequence the body’s natural flow of energy is restored and maintained. This increase in energy clears any nervous and tissue congestion, removes toxins and encourages the body’s own innate healing ability and general wellbeing. It doesn’t hurt at all and is extremely relaxing and soothing.

The shoes:

Reflexology is a non-intrusive holistic therapy. You just need to take your shoes and socks off, lie back and let the treatment engulf you from top to tail.

The service:


After taking your shoes and socks off, your feet are given a warm soak. Depending on the temperature and how cozy you like to be you’ll be covered with a blanket. You’ll be lying back with your feet resting on a footrest and wrapped in towels. Unwrapping the feet, they’ll be warmed-up before the reflex points on the left foot and then the reflex points on the right foot are massaged using thumb walking and different types of pressure. Reflexology treats the body as a whole and specific reflexes will be concentrated on to benefit you.

The body is able to cope with a certain amount of stress but increased pressures can push it over the limit. Excess tension can affect all parts of the body resulting in aches and pains, digestive problems, possible hormonal imbalances or allergy conditions. Being able to relax is essential for the wellbeing of the whole body and this will help reduce any symptoms of stress and tension.

Don’t worry, there is never any pain or ticklishness. Some people suddenly catch their breath while a particular reflex is being concentrated on, or they may have a tingle in the area the reflex represents or feel a surge or warmth through their stomach. Whether you feel something or nothing, reflexology will leave you relaxed, calmed and soothed.


At the end of the treatment you’ll be given a glass of water. The key to a successful reflexology session is drinking plenty of water afterwards to flush out all the toxins.


Reflexology can help support you with whatever life is throwing your way or be a great bit of “me time” to help relax and calm you. It’s a great present to give bridesmaids, ushers, in-laws and anyone who has helped in the preparations for your big day.

The last dance:

Reflexology helps balance your mind & body and helps maintain the state of homeostasis your body needs to run smoothly. It can help you plan your big day foot-loose and stress-free.


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